The Impact of COVID-19 on the Fencing Industry

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Fencing Industry

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Fencing Industry

2020 has seen many industries impacted by COVID-19, and the fencing industry is no exception. As a family owned and operated company, we have had to make difficult choices. We have been fortunate enough to be included in the essential worker category to continue providing security and protection for our customers. The fencing industry has taken many hits during this pandemic such as tariffs on materials, port closings causing delay of materials, and banning travel on some of our vendors causing delay on deliveries.



There is a severe shortage of pressure treated lumber across the United States. This is causing issues for the construction and fencing industries. The shortage is largely due to the spike in DIY home improvement projects and working conditions in factories due to COVID-19.

Most pressure treated wood comes from Brazil. Exports have slowed down due to shipping ports being closed. American umber mills have also been closed or are working with reduced staff. The demand has been higher than the supply, and it’s estimated that it will be like this for a while.

Pressure treated wood prices have skyrocketed between the months of June and July due to the lack of supply, and prices are expected to continue climbing.



Vinyl product manufacturers are facing the same issue: working at reduced capacity. Our vinyl manufacturer is 32,000 panels backordered, putting vinyl shipments out 6-8 weeks from their ordered dates.

There have also been PVC shortages. PVC is a plastic polymer that can be used for many applications. Many manufacturers began using PVC to make PPE for frontline workers during the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. PVC is being used to make face masks and face shields.

Prices on European PVC exports have risen 8.5%, Indian PVC export prices have increased as well. Plant closures across the US has greatly slowed down vinyl production and distribution. The shortage of available vinyl products is causing prices to raise across the board, imported or domestic.



The construction and automotive industries have been heavily hit by COVID-19. American made metal manufacturers are affected by the virus, as well as external factors, such as the Asian metal market. China is already the world leader for steel, and in 2017 they produced more than half of the world’s aluminum.

The construction and automotive industries are facing tariffs on imported materials, as well as long waiting periods to receive supplies.


We at Paramount Fencing remain open, and in the attempt to keep everyone safe and healthy, we have implemented social distancing during our estimates, not to take away our number one goal of educating and assisting each homeowner to help make a well-informed decision. While more businesses are re-opening their operations, we will continue to push through our daily processing of obtaining fence permits and ordering of materials to complete your installation. As of now, most of the local county administrative buildings are still closed to the public and taking longer than normal to approve the fence permits. We appreciate your patience in this matter. We will work diligently to advance with the installation of your fence as we obtain permitting, HOA approvals and materials.

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As COVID-19 sweeps through The States, many Americans find themselves quarantined at home looking for new forms of entertainment. One of the newest trends coming out of quarantine is gardening. The searches for “victory gardens” have spiked and many are packing into home improvement stores looking for seeds.

In the early 20th century, the concept of a “victory garden” began. First started around WW1, they were vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens planted at private residences to help prevent food shortages. Victory gardeners had little to no gardening or farming experience, as more of the population was now living in cities than in rural settings. Classic victory gardens were about 25’ by 25’.

Today, many Americans are interested on hobby gardening, but find themselves short for space. Apartments, condos, and townhomes offer limited space for gardening and often come with strict landscaping rules. Many homeowners also turn away from the idea of tearing up their yards to create a traditional garden bed.

Paramount Fencing has a solution for renters and homeowners in Central Florida: a vertical vegetable planter. Planters hold approximately 1.5 cubic feet of soil. There is no digging or permanent installation required to garden in our vertical planters. They are perfect for porches, patios, balconies, and yards alike. Portable, lightweight when empty, made of attractive vinyl material, and sturdy when filled with gardening soil, our vertical planters are perfect for hobby gardeners in the Central Florida area.

Want One?

Contact Paramount Fencing today to place an order for a vertical garden


Covid -19 and Paramount Fencing, Inc.

Covid -19 and Paramount Fencing, Inc.

"Paramount Fencing lives on.  We are open.  We are here to the serve the citizens of Central Florida!"

We acknowledge that the people of Florida are concerned about the spread of Covid-19, and so are we.  Like you, Paramount Fencing and its employees would love to stay home and shelter in place, but we can't.   Here is why:

Currently, Florida possesses 1.4 million swimming pools, thousands of miles of shoreline, and three million acres of lakes and ponds.   Couple the aforementioned numbers with school closures and there is potential for disaster.   Understand, over 3400 kids drown in pools and bodies of water each year.   Let's not forget our 2 million furry friends that need a safe place in that backyard.   So Paramount Fencing will remain open to ensure we do not trade one statistic for another...

HOWEVER: We will do so smartly.  We will do so in compliance with all CDC and Local guidelines.  Also, Paramount Fencing has implemented a three-stage virus threat level system.   We are currently in Level RED.   See below:

GREEN – If there are less than 100 reported cases of COVID-19 in the State of Florida,  it will be business as usual; however, those employees or customers that would be severely affected by a Coronavirus outbreak can opt for all estimating, installation, and employee policies annotated in threat level RED.

YELLOW - Any reported cases of COVID-19 in Orange, Seminole, Lake, and Polk counties will result in a preventive policy.  We will promote social distancing and disinfecting of the company property: however, those employees or customers that would be severely affected by a Coronavirus outbreak can opt for all estimating, installation, and employee policies annotated in threat level RED.

RED -  If there are over a hundred reported combined cases of COVID-19 in Orange, Seminole, Lake, Polk, etc.), there will be a full implementation of our Paramount Fencing Coronavirus policies. No exceptions.

Paramount Fencing’s Threat Level Red Coronavirus Policies

Estimate Policies:  Estimates can be scheduled via phone and will consist of a 3-step process. The Process is listed below.

Step One  - This step consists of a phone call between an estimator and the customer. After the phone call, the estimator will visit the property and obtain the necessary information.   From there, a job detail will be emailed to the customer before Step Two.

Step Two - This step consists of a scheduled 45-minute phone call between the estimator and homeowner. During this time, we will discuss the parameters of the requested project and will also make the necessary changes to the job detail in preparation for step three.

Step Three -  Customers will receive a returned digitized estimate and a follow-up phone call.

Installer and Employees Policy:

  1. During Threat Level Red, no Paramount Fencing employee is authorized to enter the residence of a customer’s home until further notice.
  2. During Threat Level Red, no Paramount Fencing employee is authorized to accept food, drinks, or tips from a homeowner.
  3. During Threat Level Red, all Paramount Fencing employees must practice a minimum social distancing of 8 Feet.
  4. During Threat Level Red, all Paramount Fencing employee is provided 10 days paid sick days.
  5. During Threat Level Red, all Paramount Fencing employees checking in to the office will go through screening for symptoms of COVID-19 or Flu
  6. During Threat Level Red, Paramount Fencing will disinfect all horizontal surfaces, tools, and vehicles twice daily.
  7. During Threat Level Red, all Paramount Fencing employees that possess a potential medical complication must work from home.

We want to thank you in advance for your cooperation.   We ask that our existing customers and future customers look over our COVID-19 policies before contacting Paramount Fencing.   We are hopeful, with the above estimating, install, and employee policies in play, Paramount Fencing will minimize the spread and footprint of COVID-19 as we continue to survey and protect our customers within the Central Florida Community.

Rest assured, we will use every necessary precaution to continue giving our customers quality service as we protect their liabilities.

Thanks, Paramount Fencing.