If you’re thinking a wood fence is just a wood fence, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

In 2004, the EPA banned the use of Chromate Copper Arsenate (CCA) as an outdoor lumber preservative.  As a result, the preservative was changed to Alkaline Copper Quaternary or ACQ.  Since the switch, three distinct problems have developed with outdoor lumber:

(1). Standard galvanized nails and staples are rusting out within six-eight months of installation.

(2). More splitting, cracking, cupping, and warping occurs when thinner lumber is used.

(3). The lumber shrinks at twice the rate than that of lumber treated with arsenic.

(4).  The Lumber Rots prematurely

None of our competitors will tell you this information, but just look around your neighborhood and chances are you will see the three distinct problems hard at work.
So don't be the homeowner that gets mesmerized by the likable salesperson or discount fence company; if they use the wrong fasteners or runners, the pickets will separate from the runners within 12 months, the framework will separate from the posts within 36 months, and the fence will warp itself apart within 7 years.  Your new wood fence will become nothing more than a Popsicle stick experiment, at your expense.

These are real problems but do not get discouraged. These problems are correctible if the fence is built properly. The good news is Paramount Fencing's unique building methods has been designed to counter these three distinct problems.  Couple that with our vast Understanding of Pressure-Treated Lumber and Wood Fences, a wood fence is still a viable option.  It can aesthetically last 14-17 years and structurally 18-20 years.

We cannot stress this enough:  It is now more important than ever to understand the intricacies of pressure-treated lumber.  We highly recommend that the homeowner read our comprehensive guide to purchasing wood fences before scheduling a single estimate.

So take the time to educate yourself, and don't become the victim.  Remember, as the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Best wishes,

Kip HudaKoz
President Paramount Fencing, Inc.

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