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Paramount Fencing will be closed to the public until February 2024 due to material and staffing shortages.   If you are a previous customer, we are here to help.  Simply email us at

Currently, we are 12 -14 weeks out on all new installation.

In the meantime, feel free to use our e-commerce site to purchase the items the pros use and educational tools ensure that you don't get the short end of the stick.

Hurricane Ian and Fences

As you are aware, Hurricane IAN will affect Central Florida somehow. The question is how bad. IAN is likely to be a Cat 1 or tropical storm. We at Paramount Fencing encourage you to understand that old saying, "An Ounce of Prevention is Worth A Pound of Cure."  

 It is time to protect your investment. If you have a Paramount Fencing fence, it was built beautiful, built strong, and by ASTM standards. It is time to see how it will stand up to hurricane-force winds. If you don’t have a fence built by Paramount Fencing, that ok.  Here are a few things that will help protect your investment. They will be the difference between the insurance company picking up the tab or the repair cost coming directly out of your pocket. They are listed below: 

 Helpful Hurricane Fence Hints:

1. Video or take pictures of your fence before the storm. Make sure you document all stretches both inside and out. You should do this with your home as well.

2. If you have a wood fence, secure the gate by taking a foot-long piece of 2" x 4": Connect the gate to the latch posts at both the top and bottom. Use screws. If you can, fold the gate, so it touches the fence line and screws it against the fence with 4" screws.

3. If you have a vinyl fence, remove the ¾" bolt from the outer portion of the top and bottom hinges. Slide the gate off and store those gates in the garage. Check your post caps. If loose, take the caps off and place them in the garage.

4. If you have an aluminum fence, place a bungee cord around the gate on the latch side.

5. Make sure you check the fence where it meets the house. Make sure the fence is attached to the house. If it is not, 90-degree angle bracket and connect the fence to the house. It will be the difference between the Insurance company viewing the fence as an attached or detached structure.

6. If you have a stretch of fence line that is standalone or not attached to the fence line, brace it. Bracing can be accomplished by taking a 2" x 4" about two feet long and placing it at a 45-degree angle, one end buried in the ground and one end attached to the post with a screw.

7. If you have a pool, even if it has a screen enclosure, please purchase an orange plastic safety fence from the home improvement store. It will be hard to find after the storm.

After The Storm: 

Understand, as a previous customer; you will always have priority over new customers. Please text my cell phone. If you are a new customer please text the office at (407)341.2720 or email Ensure you include your name, address, and a photo of the damages after the storm. I promise we will work diligently to fix your fence once the Hurricane passes. 

 Last, my team will be here to help in any way possible. Even if you need assistance cutting fallen trees and removing debris, we are here to help. We have tractors and chainsaws. In the meantime, stay safe. Be kind to one another. This one is going to be nasty

Who is Paramount Fencing:

We are Central Florida's Premier Custom Fence Company.

At Paramount Fencing, each fence is custom designed to ensure a well-crafted look that blends into the contour of your landscape.  Our fences  are assembled piece-by-piece and built to last. 

At Paramount Fencing, our number one goal is to EDUCATE and assist each homeowner in making a well-informed decision.  Our educational approach allows us the opportunity to sit down and discuss the requested Fence project, as well as various products and services offered by the company.  Simply put: our "open and honest" approach allows us to find the right solution without settling for less. 

Our Approach To Estimating Is Unique:  At each estimate, we sit down with the customer and discuss the structural components of the fences, the aesthetics, and the liabilities surrounding the requested project.  Most importantly, we make sure all questions are answered.

We are confident you'll love our fences, our services, and our fresh approach to conducting business, so give us a call and discover why 90% of our business is referral based.  If you are not convinced, please feel free to read a few Customers' Comments before you call.


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We also build standard fencing...  If you're searching for a wood fence in the Orlando, Winter Park, Ocoee, Winter Garden, Winter Springs, Oviedo, Lake Mary, Belle Isle, College Park,  or Downtown Orlando area, or even the Clermont, Groveland, or Mascot area, we encourage you to educate yourself first before making any decisions.

There have been several changes in the pressure-treating code since 2004, and if you're thinking a wood fence is just a fence--you're setting yourself up for failure. Read our comprehensive guide to purchasing a wood fence in the central Florida marketplace.

Also, PVC fence and aluminum fence have taken an interesting twist in the Orlando marketplace with the tightening of the economy. More manufacturers, new product lines, and an increased number of fencing companies have been introduced. This is great--but buyer beware.  Simply put, educate yourself about Vinyl Fence and Aluminum fence in Orlando; ask questions and research the company.

Remember, we are  Orlando's premier custom fence company and are often imitated, but never duplicated.  Call us today for a free estimate.

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