Tracking Tropical Storm Isaias

Tracking Tropical Storm Isaias

Well Central Florida, it’s that time of year again. The National Hurricane Center (NOAA) is currently tracking the Atlantic’s ninth named storm of 2020, Tropical Storm Isaias. Isaias became a tropical storm on July 30th, and has set a record of being the earliest “I” named storm in history. The title has been held by Isaac prior, a hurricane that touched down in Florida in 2005. Now is the time to stop what you are doing and prepare.  If you have never been through a hurricane, we recommend you review the hurricane preparation guide on NOAA’s website for more information.

We encourage you to prepare, stay safe, and do not forget about your fence. Here are five things that will possibly save that fence, money, and your life as a storm approaches. They are listed below:

1. If you have a pool, purchase an orange safety barrier fence from the home improvement store prior to the storm. It is impossible to find after a storm. You need to be able to secure your liabilities.

2. If you have a wood gate, take a small piece of 2″ x 4″ and screw it with 3″ screws to both the gate and hinges post, at the top, at the bottom. If possible, open the gate fully and screw it to the fence structure itself.

3. If you have an Aluminum gate, just bungee cord it.

4. If you have a vinyl gate, take it off at the hinges and put it in your garage. Check all post caps. If they’re not glued down remove them and store indoors.

5. Regardless of what type of fence you have, go to the home improvement store and buy several ninety-degree angle brackets. Secure the last component of the fence, runner or post, to the house. It could be the difference between your insurance company viewing that fence as an attached structure  or a detached structure.

Now is the time to think about the aftermath.   Isaias has a strong possibility of hitting the the Central Florida area as at least a tropical storm with winds up to 60 MPH (as of 7/30/2020 10:00 AM). It does not matter if you live in Orlando or Oviedo,  Winter Springs or Winter Park, or Orange County or Seminole County,  fences are going to come down.  Fence professionals will be in high demand.  Now is the time to get on a pre-hurricane list.  Otherwise, you will experience longer than normal wait times and have to settle for two guys in a truck.

Below is Paramount Fencing’s Pre-Hurricane Estimate Request.