The Paramount Fencing Mission

Paramount Fencing is an education-based company that provides customized fence solutions, high-end products, and quality customer experiences for both homeowners and outdoor service companies alike.

Paramount has been servicing the Central Florida market since 2003 and is both veteran-owned and family-owned. Our fences are assembled piece by piece and are built to last.

Our customer service based approach is what makes Paramount stand out from the others, meet our team below to see how each member's unique traits put Paramount above the competition.

Paramount Fencings Vision

As a company, we are in the business of creating happy customers.  We believe this can only be accomplished by placing an emphasis on creating educated consumers and by creating customized experiences which in returns provides maximum value.  We accomplish this by remaining professional at all times, investing in ourselves and the industry, educating the public, and placing great emphasis on customer service. Simply put, we must be the best at what we do.  We must be the anomaly.

Why Paramount Fencing Was Created

As the owner, I am often asked why I start Paramount Fencing.  Here is My Answer:

When I moved to Central Florida in 2000, I noticed consumers in the Central Florida Marketplace were starved for information.  It did not matter if it was fencing or some other service orientated company.  All the customer wanted was information.  Information beyond what materials are provided by a company or what the likable salesperson presented.  What they wanted was a real person who understood their industry, service, and products.  Simply put, they wanted the ability to make a well-informed decision.

From there, I noticed potential customers craved an honest approach.  A good listener is what they sought, but at the same time, they wanted someone who was honest and would assist them as they navigated a complex land of possibility, all balanced off reality.  All they wanted was someone who would listen to their wants, needs, and desires.  Bottom line, they wanted assurance that what they wanted was right and someone who would alert them when they were wrong.  What they did not want was a company or salesperson or install crew who saw them as just a tool in meeting their bottom line.

Next, I listened as potential customers expressed what they wanted most.  Their common response was, "I just wanted a company that approached each project as if it was being done at their own home".  They wanted someone to slow down, sit down, discuss their interest, and get to know them. When I did, I heard them say when speaking about other experiences, “I wish I would have known.”  All they wanted was a company who understood what it took from point A to point Z.  All they needed was someone to connect the dots and reconnect the missing dots when necessary.

I observed potential customers wanting a sense of order within the process. Somewhere or something they could anchor and manage their expectations.  At the same time, the customer wanted a simple and easy way of tracking the progress of their project.  They did not want to chase information down or wonder what was next.  They just wanted to know and feel like they are part of the process.  From there, the customer wanted some level of accountability.  Simply put, they wanted a company who meant what they said and who could deliver exactly what they promised: A Great Product, Quality Service, and a hassle-free process from beginning to end.

Most importantly, I examined what was not being said.  The customer wanted a company who cares.  Someone that would stand up and say something when things are not right.  It did not matter if it was industry, municipalities, HOA, or project related.  They wanted a company who was an advocate for their interest and wanted a company that does the right thing when problems occur.  Bottom line, they did not want to feel abandoned, ignored, isolated along the way.

The above are the fundamentals of observation and principles from which Paramount Fencing, Inc. was born. It is the foundation from which we operate and grow… Always.