Homeowner’s Insurance and Fencing

Homeowner’s insurance (depending on your policy limits) will cover damage to a fence caused by a hurricane/earthquake/storms/etc. Many times, this is only applicable if the fence is an attached structure, meaning that the fence is attached to the home itself. Fencing falls under “other structures” covered on a policy.


Your neighbor’s tree falls on your fence: This will depend on state-specific laws, your insurer may go to your neighbor for payment if the tree was deemed to have fallen due to lack of maintenance/negligence on the neighbor’s part. However, if the tree is located on a boundary line and is in both lots, insurance may hold both you and your neighbor responsible for half of the deductible each.

Your tree falls on your fence: If a healthy tree falls on a fence, the homeowner’s insurance will cover it (depending on your specific policy) However, if the tree was sick and deemed to be weakened through lack of maintenance/negligence, it will not be covered. Remember, insurance covers accidents only.

The fence is damaged from mold/fungus/termites: The fence would not be covered. Homeowner’s insurance covers accidents only. If you are worried about termite damage to a wood fence, consider getting a termite bond with a reputable fence company, but be sure that your wood fence is included in the initial inspection and is not excluded from the coverage of the bond. Wood fences require maintenance to prevent wood rot and fungus, see our tips on how to extend your fences life.

A storm blows down your fence: Homeowner’s insurance would cover the damage up to the coverage limits.

A car crashes through your fence: Homeowner’s insurance would cover the damage up to the coverage limits, however, you could likely file a claim against the driver’s car insurance if they have property damage liability coverage.

Before submitting a claim for your fence damage, take pictures of the damage and try not to move any damaged sections unless necessary. Call around and have some contractors give quotes for the repair. Decide if the cost of the repair is too high, or if it’s worth paying for the repair out of pocket to avoid filing a claim (a deductible is out of pocket anyway) An insurance company may pay to replace your fence, but they will only cover the “actual cash value”, so if you’ve let your wood fence rot and deteriorate, you probably won’t be getting much for a replacement.

Paramount Fencing Update – COVID-19 Response

Paramount Fencing Update – COVID-19 Response

 Open For Business:

We acknowledge that the people of Florida are concerned about the spread of COVID-19, and so are we.  Like you, Paramount Fencing and its employees would love to stay home and shelter in place, but we can't.   Here is why:

Currently, Florida possesses 1.4 million swimming pools, thousands of miles of shoreline, and three million acres of lakes and ponds.   Couple the aforementioned numbers with school closures and there is potential for disaster.   Understand, over 3400 kids drown in pools and bodies of water each year.   Let's not forget our 2 million furry friends that need a safe place in that backyard.   So Paramount Fencing will remain open to ensure we do not trade one statistic for another...

HOWEVER: We will do so smartly.  We will do so in compliance with all CDC and Local guidelines.  Also, Paramount Fencing has implemented a three-stage virus threat level system.   We are currently in Level RED.   See below:

Current Conditions Level: RED

RED –A  full implementation of our Paramount Fencing Coronavirus policies.  No exceptions.

Paramount Fencing’s Threat Level Red Coronavirus Policies Are Listed Below

Estimate Policies:  Estimates can be scheduled via phone and will consist of a 3-step process for those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19. The Process is listed below.

Step One  - This step consists of a phone call between an estimator and the customer. After the phone call, the estimator will visit the property and obtain the necessary information.   From there, a job detail will be emailed to the customer before Step Two.

Step Two - This step consists of a scheduled 45-minute phone call between the estimator and homeowner. During this time, we will discuss the parameters of the requested project and will also make the necessary changes to the job detail in preparation for step three.

Step Three -  Customers will receive a returned digitized estimate and a follow-up phone call.

Customer Can Be Present at the Estimate, but social distancing rules must be followed.

Installer and Employees Policy:

  • During Threat Level Red, no Paramount Fencing employee is authorized to enter the residence of a customer’s home until further notice.
  • During Threat Level Red, no Paramount Fencing employee is authorized to accept food, drinks, or tips from a homeowner.
  • During Threat Level Red, all Paramount Fencing employees must practice a minimum social distancing of 8 Feet or have a mask on.
  • During Threat Level Red, all Paramount Fencing’s employees are provided 10 days paid sick days which may result in delay installations.
  • During Threat Level Red, all Paramount Fencing employees checking in to the office will go through screening for symptoms of COVID-19 or Flu.
  • During Threat Level Red, Paramount Fencing will disinfect all horizontal surfaces, tools, and vehicles twice daily.
  • During Threat Level Red, Paramount Fencing will disinfect all horizontal surface and door handles should they enter the back patio of and customer’s property.
  • During Threat Level Red, all Paramount Fencing employees that possess a potential medical complication must work from home or will be paid to not work.

We want to thank you in advance for your cooperation.   We ask that our existing customers and future customers look over our COVID-19 policies before contacting Paramount Fencing.   We are hopeful, with the above estimating, install, and employee policies in play, Paramount Fencing will minimize the spread and footprint of COVID-19 as we continue to survey and protect our customers within the Central Florida Community.

Rest assured, we will use every necessary precaution to continue giving our customers quality service as we protect their liabilities.



Kip Hudakoz
Paramount Fencing, Inc.