A Message to Our Customers – COVID-19

The Florida sun blesses us for another beautiful summer while we continue to face strange times in 2020. Due to COVID19 related issues, unexpected casualties in the business industry have affected many. Whether it’s distribution, production, or the employees themselves, businesses/ companies have to work around the new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) rules and regulations that are causing slight delays and inefficiencies in the workforce. For example, aluminum and vinyl fencing distribution have slowed down due to employees following the social distancing rules. Most distribution warehouse workforces are at half the capacity to align with the COVID19 guidelines and keep productivity going while cautious. The six feet rule is in play, meaning less people power to make more distance at the workplace.

About 88% of the United States' wood distribution comes from South America, specifically Brazil. The best quality of trees used for wood products come from Brazil due to the fact that the forests near the equator and the ocean are healthy and full of rare dye woods. With round 2 of COVID19 on the loose, product distribution has been tricky the last couple months... To stay productive in distribution, companies have to follow a safer process that takes longer to distribute without endangering employees. Distribution shipping ports are either shut down or working at 50% as well causing some slowdown in productivity. Aluminum and vinyl material distribution varies case by case but the new CDC safety rules still apply. The longer process of doing anything is not everyone’s 1st pick of choice but it is the safest and that’s what matters the most at this time.

As Paramount Fencing adjusts to the CDC guidelines, one of our goals is to let our customers know that we will continue to provide during the trials and tribulations. All adjustments made to the company manual are for safety purposes and to keep our customers and employees cautious during this period. Paramount Fencing employees/installers are obligated to wear masks on job sites and to keep social distancing from customers and fellow employees while on the clock. We are aware that it’s tedious work to enforce these new sets of rules on the customer and ourselves but to continue providing quality service it is necessary to abide by the temporarily normal.