Protect Yourself When Choosing a Fence Contractor

Protect Yourself When Choosing a Fence Contractor

The manufacturing industries are feeling the pinch from COVID-related shortages. Many plants are still functioning ad limited capacity, creating a severe material shortage. Both the aluminum and vinyl industries are experiencing weeks-long production times as well as price increases, pushing many customers to turn to lumber options.

Wood fences are an American classic, but the lumber industry also saw price increases as demand grew. There has been a small drop in prices since their peak in early July, but lumber prices are expected to increase again.
Regardless, wood fences are still the more economical option by a longshot at this time, but homeowners are urged to understand what it is that they’re paying for.

Custom or stick-built contractors are unable to complete a fence the week after a contract is signed. Companies who have such a quick turnaround are cutting a corner somewhere, regardless of if it’s on the administrative or installation side. Understand, in the state of Florida, if a post goes in the ground a permit will need to be pulled. If a property has a pool, a permit must be pulled, and that fence must be installed to be pool code compliant. Permit turn-around time varies by municipality, but from the time of application to approval, the average is about 10 days. Protect yourself and be sure that the company or handyman you hire has an approved permit prior to installation. NEVER START INSTALLATION WITHOUT A PERMIT.

A popular aluminum manufacturer, AlumiGuard, is reporting lead times of up to 23 weeks on production orders. If you are quoted with a shorter delivery date, ask who the manufacturer is. Never allow material to be installed without knowing the manufacturer’s name and if there is a warranty on the product. A reputable company using quality materials will have no problem providing this information.

Homeowners purchasing wood fences are urged to check lumber prices before committing to a contract. Many handymen and new companies are popping up charging top-dollar for sub-par pre-fabricated panels. Always ask the installation method being used to avoid being overcharged on your new installation. Understand the wood fence building methods before installing a fence that will only last you a few years.

Paramount understands that contractors have been hard to come by all throughout COVID thanks to the severe labor shortages, but we don’t want to see Central Florida consumers get burned by a company.
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