Horizontal wood fence in Orlando is becoming popular, but be forewarned.  The way that horizontal board fence is built counts.  Using the wrong type of lumber, fasteners or fence posts spacing can result in disaster.  Within a few years, those horizontal boards will pop off at the seams and begin to split excessively.   That flat streamlined look you admired will become a wavy and warping mess.      So when considering a custom horizontal wood fence for your Orlando home, here are four common building principles you need to know:

Principle 1:  Use the right type of materials.   Ideally, a horizontal wood fence should be built with cedar.  Cedar is less prone to experience issues caused by the moistness of the Florida climate such as warping splitting and cracking.   If you are considering pressure treated pine, make sure the lumber is treated with Eco-Life, not MCA.  Make sure the grade of lumber is #2 prime and pay close attention to principles two and three.

Principle Two:    Use the right material thickness for the chosen method of construction.  When using pressure treated pine, use no less than two-inch thick lumber coupled with post six feet on center to minimize warping and bowing.  The thickness of cedar should be no less than an inch and should be reduced to four foot on center.   All horizontal slats, regardless of selected wood species, should be staggered.  Keep in mine, horizontal fence is basically a deck built straight up in the air.  As a result, the post to height leverage ratio should be no less than 50% leverage ratio.

Principle Three:  Use the right fasteners.  Stainless steel, stainless steel, stainless steel.  The use of galvanized fasteners will quickly rust if used in pressure treated pine.   Continue reading more at Custom Wood Fence Orlando.

Principle Four:  Pick the right custom fence company.  The majority of Central Florida fence companies claim to be custom for two reasons, money and marketing.  Just keep in mind, there are only two legitimate custom fence companies located in Central Florida who have the ability to create custom fence solutions.  Do your research and never choose a  Florida fence company that has the words outlet or discount attached to its name.