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 First and Foremost, I want to personally thank you for choosing Paramount Fencing.  I am hopeful this article will assist in keeping you informed, updated, and as always educated.  So let’s get you informed what to expect while waiting for installation. 

Let me address the elephant in the room.   “What date will my fence be installed?”.   The answer is simple:  There is a lot that needs to be accomplished before we even get to the point of installation.  Items such as the proposal review, permitting, HOA approval, neighbor notification,  ordering materials, pre-installation review,  material delivery date, utility locates, assigning installation date, and installation notification are all balanced off the weather and permitting and HOA delays.  There are simply too many variables to provide an exact installation date; however, as the variables are eliminated, a general approximation will be revealed. 

As the old saying goes, knowing what to expect is half the battle.  So let’s get you informed. Below you will find a description and explanation of the Ten Variables that will determine when your fence will be installed:    

  1. Proposal Review: This process generally takes 1 to 3 business days.  During this process, an individualized file is created and assigned to the backend process once a signed contract is obtained.  It is important that you send a scanned copy of the signed proposal via email, U.S. Postal Mail, or fax.  Municipalities do not recognize photographs taken from a smart device.  Understand, we cannot proceed with the backend process without a signed proposal.
  2. Permitting: This process generally takes 10 to 25 working days.  The exact time depends on the municipality the home is located in.  During this time, the office will prepare the necessary documentation such as the permit applications, notice of commitment (NOC), and any other documentation required.  The office will email all necessary documentation to you. Some of the documentation will require a notary republic. It is important that you send a scanned copy of the signed permit or NOC via email, U.S. Postal Mail, or fax.  Municipalities do not recognize photographs taken from a smart device.    Understand, the quicker the document are returned, the sooner it can be submitted.
  3. HOA Approval:  This process generally takes 30 days and up. The exact time will depend on your HOA.  My best advice is to submit the Architectural Reveiw request via certified, request receipt, mail. Then once you receive the Architectural reveiw approval, notify the office immediately via email with an attached scanned copy of the approval.
  4. Neighbor Notification:   This process generally takes 10 working days.  The goal is to let the neighbor know what is going on and address any issues we may need their cooperation with. This also provides us the opportunity to be mindful of their wants, needs, and desires as it pertains to their property.   Simply put. Neighbors hate to be ambushed, and we do not want to leave you with an annoyed neighbor.
  5. Ordering Material:   Depending on the material type, this process generally takes 7 to 30 days.  Understand, Paramount Fencing will not order any material until we have received a hard copy of the approved permit and HOA approval if applicable.  This approach will provide us the maximum flexibility to re-arrange the contract if necessary.  Simply put, it will assist us in avoiding an awkward conversation.
  6. Material Delivery Date:  It generally takes 2-7 business days for a manufacturer to provide a projected delivery date.  Keep in mind it is simply a projection.  Understand, a lot can go wrong on the manufacturing side.   Things such as material shortages, broken machinery, weather, and high shipping demands can all affect a delivery date.
  7. Pre-install Review:  This process generally takes approximately 1-4 days.  During this process, I am personally reviewing your file folder.  I want to make sure we are ready to proceed with both your end and ours.   If  I find a discrepancy or have a question,  I will reach out via email.    Once the pre-install review occurs, an approximate 1-2 week installation window will be assigned. 
  8. Utility Locates:  This process generally takes approximately 2-5 business days from the point of request and approximately 7-10 days prior to the assigning installation.  During this process, a state sponsor Utility  Service Indicator Contractor (USIC) will visit the property.  They will mark known utility lines, such as gas, water, and fiber optic cables.  It’s important to understand, USIC does not locate sprinkler lines or propane tanks gas lines.  The office will notify you 24 hours prior via email when this event occurs. 
  9.  Assigning of Installation:   At this point, a 1-7 day window of installation should be obtainable.   Understand,  factors such as availability of material, permits, and weather will dictate the final install date.   There are simply too many variables to provide an exact installation date.
  10.  Installation Notification:   At this point,  we should be able to provide a 1-2 day window accompanied with an arrival time window.  The first window of arrival is between 9:00 AM till 11:00 AM. The second window of Arrival is between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM.  Understand,  factors such as delays on the previous job and weather will dictate the final installation window.  There are simply too many variables provide an exact installation time.

As you can see, there is a lot to do.  We will reach out to each time we shift from one variable to the next as well as update your personal dashboard.  So make sure you log back in and keep yourself informed.   Understand,  if at any time during the pre-installation and backend process you are not getting the answer or service you need, call or text me directly on my cell phone: 407.619.0015

Once again, thank you for choosing Paramount Fencing.  



Kip Hudakoz

President and Founder Paramount Fencing

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