The Next Generation of Fence Installers

When driving through a neighborhood in Central Florida, it's hard not to notice that the majority of the house posses a fence.  Some of those fences are made of wood others with vinyl or aluminum.    Some are basic and others are custom,  but there is something all these fences in Orlando have in common: the majority  of these fences built don't  look so great.   In fact, most look like yesterday's mistakes or an afterthought.   The sad part is most of them are built by fence companies and not DYI homeowners.

We at Paramount Fencing are not going to tolerate mediocrity.   We are going to be part of the solution and not the problem.    As a result, we are announcing Operation NextGen, where we train the next generation of fence installers through apprenticeships.   That's right.  We are going to train certified fence installers from scratch.  We are going to take individuals and teach them the art of fencing.

Our goal is simple.   We want to help individuals learn the fencing trade and even help a few become independent contractors along the way.  So, if you think you got what it takes, sign up today.  Click Here.

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