Hurricanes and Fence Preparation In Florida

As you are aware, Tropical Storm Florence will affect Central Florida in some manner.  From Orlando to Oviedo, from Winter Park to Winter Springs, Topical Storm Florence will huff and puff and try to blow those fences down.  As a result, we at Paramount Fencing are encouraging every homeowner to embrace that old-fashioned saying, “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth A Pound of Cure.”  It is time to protect that investment,  your fence.

Here are a few things you can do to protect your investment. They are also the difference between the insurance company picking up the tab or the cost of repairs coming directly out of your pocket.

    • Spend 20 minutes, and tidy up your fence.  Screw in any loose boards or fence parts that could come loose during a hurricane. If your fence line is leaning or old, try to get a post or two back to its original position.   Then photograph your fence.  Take picture of the inside and the outside and especially the gate areas.


    • Remove all Vinyl Fence Gates and place them in your garage. Understand, the gate area is the weakest part of any fence line. Vinyl Fence can be easily removed by removing the hinges attached to the gate itself. Simply, remove the screws or nuts and slide the gate off. Do not remove the screws attached to the fence post itself.   If you have an exposed pool, make sure you put up orange mesh fence at the gate entry.  If you do not have time, call us.  We will take them off and re-install them once the storm passes for $100.00.


  • Wood gates should be handled differently.  There are two methods:  (1) Take a 12″ long piece of 2″ x 4″ and screw it to both the wood gate frame and the post.  This should occur at both the top and bottom on the latch sided.  If you do not have a 2″ x 4″, fold the wood gate against the fence line and secure the gate to the fence with a couple of 4″ wood screws.
  • If you have a wood fence line which is standalone or not attached to the fence line as a whole, brace it. Bracing can be accomplished by taking a 2” x 4” about four foot long and placing it at a 45-degree angle, one end buried 12″ in the ground, one end attached to the post with a 3″ screw.  If you do not have time, call us. We can create the bracing and then take them off once the storm passes for $10 per brace.
  • If you have a vinyl fence, make sure you remove the post caps and place them in a safe place.  If they are glued, still check your caps.
  • Check to see if you have items attached to your fences such as fence art, potted plants, or equipment. Remove it all and place them in a safe place.
    • If you have tree limbs that overhanging your fence, trim them.


  • Best advice, regardless of fence type, make sure any post that abutts your house is secured with an 90 degree angle bracket.  This can be accomplished by securing one end of the bracket into the wood posts and one end of the back to the house.  Understand, an insurance company may consider that fence as part of the structure of a house, and not a stand-alone accessory structure.  We have seen this over and over with Hurricane Mathew and Irma insurance claims.

The above are just a few ways to protect your investment.

In the event you are impacted by the Hurricane and suffer fence damage, let us know immediately.  Understand, our previous customer will always have priority over new customers; however, if you are not a former customer–make sure you take the opportunity to reserve your spot on our pre-Hurricane estimate list.  Understand, after a hurricane, our estimates, repairs, and installations are organized by situational liabilities:  1. Open and exposed pools, 2. Families with children who have special needs, 3. The elderly, and 4.  A situation we deem dangerous. So Schedule. We promise we will work diligently to fix your fence once the hurricane passes.

Last, my team will be here to help in any way possible.  Even if you need assistance in cutting downed trees or removing debris, we are here to help.  We have tractors and chainsaws and often supplies.


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